Pueblos Blancos



The town’s historical relationship with livestock farming and agriculture has led to the creation of a powerful sector linked to the production of high-quality leather products. Villamartin’s saddlery has managed to become a worldwide attraction, with articles such as saddles and boots. Ceramics has also managed to make a place for itself among the local artistic heritage, with works of exquisite workmanship ranging from those displayed on numerous façades in the municipality to the export of porcelain murals.

Arcos de la Frontera


Arcos de la Frontera also has a variety of handcrafted products manufactured in the town. We find the elaboration of looms, tapestries and carpets; of products related to horse riding, such as saddles and riding suits.



Due to the large number of cork oaks in the municipality, Villaluenga has a large production of articles made from cork. Likewise, quality wool is obtained from sheep farming, which is used to make handmade products.

El Bosque


In El Bosque, the carpentry and leather goods industry are typical. The manufacture of handcrafted furniture has been a trade that has been passed down through generations, and in recent years it has been promoted in the town.

Arcos de la Frontera

Handmade Ceramics

As for handmade ceramics, products of different styles are manufactured. Wrought iron is also worked in Arcos, being one of the most typical elements of Andalusian architecture. Finally, it is worth mentioning the work with esparto grass and palm, with which products such as mats, baskets and decorative objects are made.

Prado del Rey


Thanks to the quality of the products from the mountainous areas, unique recipes of great flavor are prepared, which are one of the great tourist attractions of the region. Among the dishes that make up the Pradense menu we find salmorejo, stewed asparagus or tomato soup; broad bean, leg or cabbage stew; goat or turkey giblet, ‘tagarninas’ stew, rabbit with tomatoes or pajarillas.



Local handicrafts have been developing for several years, with the aim of achieving an acceptable profitability and at the same level as neighboring municipalities. A good example of local craftsmanship is basketry, made from olive branches, cane and esparto grass. Also of note is leatherwork, which occupies a large part of the younger population, and ceramic and glazed tile work, which is currently an incipient sector. Work with shawls, crochet and quilts are also worthy of mention, some of which are exhibited on the balconies of the houses during the Corpus Christi celebrations.