Pueblos Blancos

Pueblos blancos, millenary heritage

To discover the origins of the Sierra de Cádiz region, we will go back to the Lower Palaeolithic period. This means that we count on a rich heritage of archaeological sites with more than 2.5 million years of history scattered throughout the area. Up to the present, numerous civilizations -and their respective cultures- have settled in the hill geography, leaving a legacy that has lasted until the present day.

From the Palaeolithic period we must highlight the preservation of necropolises, collective burials of great value through which can approach us to the millenary customs of our ancestors. Along with the remains of Iberian settlements, tools and artefacts that we can visit, we will get a fairly clear picture about the lifestyle of the first settlers of the Sierra de Cadiz.

The greatness brought by the Roman Empire control also reached the towns of the region, which reached a prosperity era reflected nowadays in the remains preserved. Vestiges of castles, towers, roads or walls and ancient cities scattered throughout the area confirm the opulence experienced during this period.

The fall of Rome by the Nasrid forces meant an absolute rupture with all the pillars and values established so far. The changes brought about by the Islamic settlements are evident in aspects such as religion, gastronomy or architecture. The convulsive nature of this period implied the construction of walled enclosures, towers and castles that are still partially preserved. New traditions are also reflected in burial sites, leaving proof of the dissociation with ancient Roman practices.

The Reconquest by the Christian troops brought once again a schism in the life and habits of the citizens of the hill region. The deep religious sentiment, together with the influence of new architectural trends, meant that many Islamic buildings were replaced by gothic and baroque churches, temples and chapels. Furthermore, huge country houses, farms and buildings for civilian use began to be built in which the different decorative styles intermingled.

The rich heritage of Pueblos Blancos is just one more proof of the irrefutable historical value of the Sierra de Cádiz region which, despite having witnessed great milestones and events, is still more alive than ever.