Pueblos Blancos

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Arcos de la Frontera

Church of Saint Agustín

The Church of Saint Agustín was originally built as the Saint Juan Letrán Convent, which served as home for the novices of the Emparedadas during the construction of the Convent of the Encarnación. Although it was built in 1539, it was not until 1586 that the Saint Agustín Order of the Observants founded its convent of Discalced Augustinian Friars. The monastery had 20 preachers, who taught philosophy, art and grammar at the beginning of the 18th century. At the beginning of the following century, its period of decadence began, with only 6 monks, who would abandon the temple after the amortizations of 1835.


Pilgrimage of Saint Isidro Labrador

In mid-May, the Pilgrimage of Saint Isidro Labrador takes place. The festivities begin with the transfer of the saint and his devotees to a grove of trees near the borough of Bornos. Once there, the day is spent with festivities, food and music. The day ends with Holy Mass, which is celebrated in the parish church once the saint has returned.

El Bosque

El Castillejo Botanical Garden

The El Castillejo Botanical Garden, on the outskirts of El Bosque, aims to raise awareness of the flora and fauna of Andalusia and the region. The Mediterranean fir, the Spanish fir or the Grazalema poppy are just some of the endemic species that can be visited. In addition to free guided tours for groups, the Botanical Garden offers various workshops and conferences throughout the year.


Simancón and the Clock Route

The Simancón and the Clock are located in the Sierra of the Endrinal at 1561 and 1513m respectively above sea level.
To access them you have to walk along an ascending path that passes along the slope of the almost vertical wall of the Big Crag. This path leads to the Llanos del Endrinal. The arboreal vegetation in this zone is of pine reforestation. As for the fauna, it is worth mentioning the presence in the crags of the mountain goat.

Prado del Rey

Acá Fountain

The Acá Fountain, also known as the Fountain of Mr. Joaquín, is an emblematic stone construction made up of three tambours and supported by two semicircular arches. Nowadays, water only flows from its spouts in times of heavy rainfall, as its flow is derived and extracted from a public well built in the Blas Infante Park.


El Nacimiento Viewpoint

The El Nacimiento Viewpoint brings visitors closer to some geographical enclaves such as Bornos, the Guadalete river and, in the background, the Sierra of Grazalema.


Cheeses, gourmet products with highland certificate of origin

The gastronomy of the Pueblos Blancos is one of the most complete and varied in the Cadiz province: from the flavour of its game meats,

Land of historical heritage

The history of the Pueblos Blancos cannot be written without mentioning the numerous civilisations that have inhabited these lands. Since the first settlers, the Sierra

Motor Racing in Pueblos Blancos

The passion for motor racing can be felt in Pueblos Blancos, the close relationship between motor sport and the hill municipalities has been very close

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Artisan Route

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Nasrid Route

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