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Goatherd’s Leap.

The Goatherd’s Leap is a geological landmark in the Sierra of Cadiz, close to the municipality. The gorge, which is separated from its two peaks by a fault line, has a route of the same name which, over 7.6 km, offers a unique scenic enclave. This route links Benaocaz and Puerto del Boyar through the gorge, which is guarded by rock formations, fault lines, caves and galleries. We can enjoy panoramic views of the Sierra of the Silla, Albarracín, the Ferrets Reservoir or the Pine Forest Sierra from the highest peaks.



In February, Carnival takes place in many parts of the country, and Ubrique is not far behind in the celebration of these festivities. Different events take place throughout the second month of the year, enlivened by the lyrics of the carnival groups.


Diocesan Sanctuary of the Santísimo Cristo of La Antigua

The temple, attached to the Fatetar Castle, was built during the 13th century once the area was pacified. In its interior are preserved the remains of Saint Prudencio – brought from the cemetery of Saint Calixto de Roma – and the carving of the Santo Cristo de la Antigua, patron saint of Espera. The nave has a simple floor plan with barrel vaults and ribbed vaults, in which the baroque altarpiece of Santo Cristo, Saint Isidoro of Sevilla and Santiago stands out.



During the month of September, the eagerly awaited Festival week takes place, one of the most eagerly awaited celebrations by the young people of Ubrique. For seven days the municipality decorates its streets, which are filled with sevillanas, food and a festive atmosphere that lasts both day and night. The parade of big-heads kicks off a week of festivities, the main meeting point of which is the fairgrounds in the Palms Square


Nasrid Neighborhood

The oldest part of the town of Benaocaz is home to one of the last areas of muslim possession, the Nasrid Neighborhood. Considered to be one of the best-preserved historical vestiges of the period in the region, the ruins include old houses arranged according to the Nasrid urban layout.


Route of the Saint’s Viewpoint

The Route of the Saint’s Viewpoint is a spiritually enriching experience, as well as a unique opportunity to contemplate the Sierra of the Endrinal, one of the most beautiful spots in Grazalema. The itinerary follows in the footsteps of the ancient route of the Stations of the Cross. The cobbled path is lined with old pedestals where the cross rested during the stations of penitence. At the summit is the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in a rest area from where you can contemplate places such as Grazalema, the Puerto de las Palomas, the Big Crag or the hill of Saint Cristóbal.


Land of historical heritage

The history of the Pueblos Blancos cannot be written without mentioning the numerous civilisations that have inhabited these lands. Since the first settlers, the Sierra

Pueblos blancos, millenary heritage

To discover the origins of the Sierra de Cádiz region, we will go back to the Lower Palaeolithic period. This means that we count on

Motor Racing in Pueblos Blancos

The passion for motor racing can be felt in Pueblos Blancos, the close relationship between motor sport and the hill municipalities has been very close

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Cheese Route

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Sports Route

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