Pueblos Blancos


Cheese Route

The Route of the Pueblos Blancos stands out as a destination for the multitude of tourist attractions in which it excels. One of them is

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Artisan Route

The Pueblos Blancos have a close relationship with the natural environment that surrounds them and the products obtained from it. To highlight only the gastronomy

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Nasrid Route

The Muslims occupied and lived in a large part of the peninsular area between the 8th and 15th centuries. It is therefore, indisputable, that in

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Roman route

Cadiz did not escape the dominion of the Roman Empire since its arrival in the province in the 1st century AD. Nowadays, there are many

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Sports Route

The location of the Pueblos Blancos offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. The municipalities, located in the Sierra region and part of them in

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Birding Route

Many bird species have chosen the Sierra de Cádiz region as their permanent or temporary habitat.  The climatic and orographic conditions and the flora and

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